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Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an important decision that parents often spend a lot of time contemplating. In Hindi culture, names hold significant meaning and are believed to shape a person’s identity and destiny. This article aims to provide a comprehensive list of boy names in Hindi from A to Z, along with their meanings and origins.


1. Aarav – Meaning “peaceful” or “calm,” Aarav is a popular name for boys in India. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “arav,” which means “peaceful sound.”

2. Abhinav – This name means “new” or “innovative” in Hindi. It signifies someone who is creative and has a fresh perspective.

3. Aditya – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “sun,” Aditya symbolizes brightness, radiance, and the source of life.


1. Bhuvan – Meaning “earth” or “world,” Bhuvan represents someone who is grounded and connected to their roots.

2. Bharat – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “India,” Bharat is a patriotic name that signifies love for the country.

3. Brijesh – This name is a combination of “Brij,” which refers to Lord Krishna’s childhood home, and “esh,” meaning “lord” or “ruler.” Brijesh represents someone who is devoted to Lord Krishna.


1. Chetan – Meaning “consciousness” or “soul,” Chetan represents someone who is aware and enlightened.

2. Chirag – Derived from the Hindi word for “lamp” or “light,” Chirag symbolizes brightness, knowledge, and guidance.

3. Chandan – This name refers to “sandalwood” in Hindi and signifies purity, calmness, and fragrance.


1. Devansh – Meaning “part of God” or “divine,” Devansh represents someone who is believed to have a divine connection.

2. Dhruv – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “pole star,” Dhruv symbolizes stability, strength, and determination.

3. Divyansh – This name is a combination of “divya,” meaning “divine,” and “ansh,” meaning “part.” Divyansh represents someone who possesses a divine essence.


1. Eklavya – Meaning “solo” or “unique,” Eklavya represents individuality and self-reliance.

2. Ekansh – Derived from the Hindi word for “whole” or “complete,” Ekansh symbolizes someone who is integral and complete.

3. Eshan – This name refers to “Lord Shiva” in Hindi and signifies divinity, power, and auspiciousness.


1. Farhan – Meaning “happy” or “joyful,” Farhan represents someone who brings happiness and positivity.

2. Faizan – Derived from the Arabic word for “grace” or “favor,” Faizan symbolizes someone who is blessed and fortunate.

3. Firoz – This name refers to the precious stone “turquoise” in Hindi and signifies beauty, strength, and protection.


1. Gaurav – Meaning “pride” or “honor,” Gaurav represents someone who is respected and holds a high position.

2. Gautam – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “bright” or “enlightened,” Gautam symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.

3. Gopal – This name refers to “Lord Krishna” in Hindi and signifies divine protection and care.


1. Harsh – Meaning “happiness” or “joy,” Harsh represents someone who brings joy and positivity.

2. Hrithik – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “truthful” or “honest,” Hrithik symbolizes integrity and righteousness.

3. Himanshu – This name is a combination of “hima,” meaning “snow,” and “anshu,” meaning “ray.” Himanshu represents someone who is as pure and radiant as snow.


1. Ishan – Meaning “sun” or “lord,” Ishan represents someone who is powerful, radiant, and divine.

2. Ishaan – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “sun,” Ishaan symbolizes the direction “northeast” and signifies prosperity and success.

3. Indra – This name refers to the Hindu god “Indra,” who is associated with rain, thunder, and lightning. Indra symbolizes strength and power.


1. Jayesh – Meaning “victorious” or “triumphant,” Jayesh represents someone who achieves success and overcomes obstacles.

2. Jatin – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “matted hair,” Jatin symbolizes someone who is ascetic and devoted to spiritual practices.

3. Jagdish – This name refers to “Lord Vishnu” in Hindi and signifies the lord of the universe.


1. Karan – Meaning “helper” or “supporter,” Karan represents someone who is compassionate and always ready to assist others.

2. Kunal – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “lotus,” Kunal symbolizes beauty, purity, and enlightenment.

3. Krishna – This name refers to the Hindu god “Krishna,” who is known for his divine playfulness and wisdom.


1. Lakshya – Meaning “goal” or “aim,” Lakshya represents someone who is focused and determined to achieve their objectives.

2. Lokesh – Derived from the Sanskrit words for “world” and “lord,” Lokesh symbolizes the lord of the world.

3. Lalit – This name means “beautiful” or “charming” in Hindi and signifies someone who possesses grace and attractiveness.



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