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according to howard s. becker, why do marijuana smokers enjoy using the drug?

Why would someone enjoy using marijuana? Well, it is a drug, and people who do drugs aren’t necessarily inherently good or bad. They just find ways to get through their everyday lives, and smoking marijuana is one of those ways.

In order to go for it, I must say that it’s a game changer.

When I was in college, I smoked marijuana for the first time. I was 13 and I was in a dorm room with about 20 other people. We all sat around smoking and talking, and then at about 3am I was completely spent. I was very much at a loss and I didn’t really know what to do.

Marijuana makes you feel good, so it’s a natural way to get through the day, but you can get into trouble drinking too. In fact, if you have any alcohol you can get into trouble drinking too. Even if you’re not an alcoholic, you know that you have a very high alcohol tolerance. When you drink too much you can over-do it, and that can lead to alcohol abuse. Drinking alcohol also helps you take in a lot more pleasure in the consumption of the drug.

Marijuana doesn’t cause much damage to your body, it’s just a gateway drug to a lot more fun. It’s a legal drug (in some states), and I think most people who smoke do so responsibly. It’s one of the top drugs for people who don’t want to be in a relationship.

Of course, the problem with this is that the people who smoke weed claim to go to the doctor to get it out, but its pretty much guaranteed that you will be hooked and won’t stop using the drug for years.

It isn’t that marijuana is the gateway drug, it’s that the people who smoke it are the gateway drug. It’s not that the problem with marijuana is that it’s harmful to your body, it’s that the people who smoke it are the harmful people. In a lot of cases, it will actually be your friends, who have a better attitude than you, who take your meds and tell you its okay, who will keep their stash of pot for you.

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