funny drug jokes

My dad was a cop and we called him “the Dope Cop” because he’d take all the dope jokes, and really get into the banter. He told me that he used to be a cop, and one day, he was out of the job. When he got out of the drug business, he decided to go out and get his own place. He bought a whole lot of land and built a house on it.

We used to talk about it a lot, but we never talked about it much. It’s weird because it happens so often that there are people who think it’s okay to talk about it, but if you don’t talk about it, what you’re saying is the worst thing you can do.

He also said his favorite bit was when he said, “That was the good old days.” I really thought he meant he was in the good old days when he was a cop, but he said he was just talking about how he was back in the good old days, and it was just the worst thing he could say.

Its a strange kind of drug. He said that, “There’s always a drug on the corner that makes you act and talk like a human being.” We think he meant that he was on some sort of drug, but it could also be that he said “drug” as in he wanted to say “psychedelic.

Yeah, you could say that. But funny drug jokes, as you might have heard, are not so much a thing anymore. You see them whenever someone says something funny or interesting or even funny, and you really want to see it. It’s as if we’ve forgotten how to laugh.

But thats what makes them so hilarious, its not like you can just use them to make your own unique jokes. They can be just as funny as your own, but they are as funny as those around.

Funny drug jokes are a lot like those that make you laugh while driving: your brain just doesn’t know what to make of it. Most people who joke about drugs with you, are just joking, but not all of them are. They are laughing in your head and they may or may not be thinking about the drug jokes that you made. Thats just how weird it is.

Thats about all I can say about those, but you should definitely try making your own. They are so good at making your own weird and funny drugs, that they can make you laugh while driving your brain and that is the best part.

That and that is actually the problem with drugs. Its not because they are funny, its because they are so stupid and hard to get right that you don’t even know what you are doing.

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