How To Enhance Your CBD And THC Experience

CBD or cannabidiol and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol are the most prevalent compounds in cannabis plants. They’re the most studied among hundreds of cannabinoids, increasing their popularity among cannabis consumers. 

CBD may help with pain, inflammation, irritation, and stress. On the other hand, THC may help reduce anxiety symptoms and stimulate appetite while giving the sense of feeling high. These two compounds are commonly consumed together, especially when smoking raw flowers. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a long-term cannabis user, you can enhance your experience with these tips.

1. Purchase High-Quality Products 

One of the foolproof ways to enhance your CBD and THC experience is to purchase high-quality products. Lab-tested cannabis products from trusted dispensaries and brands like Diet Smoke have accurate doses and potency as indicated, so you’ll know what to expect. 

Whether you’re purchasing raw flowers, oils, concentrates, or edibles, always prioritize quality. Recreational cannabis is all about the experience, so getting your desired sensation is necessary. Premium CBD and THC products have the right potency and purity, making the effects last longer and more pleasant. 

The only downside to purchasing high-quality cannabis products is the price. Higher potency CBD and THC are more expensive. However, the elevated experience is worth it. 

2. Increase Your Doses 

As you become more comfortable with CBD and THC, it’s time to increase your dose to enhance your experience. If you’re taking CBD alone, an increased amount not exceeding 1,500 milligrams daily may help with specific psychological and physiological conditions. However, the recommended dose for THC is only 10mg to 20mg per day due to its intoxicating effects. 

When increasing your CBD and THC intake, it’s best to consider the ideal doses. Doing so will help prevent unwanted side effects like hallucinations, palpitations, dry mouth, and eventually passing out due to lethargy. Increase slow and low to gauge how your body reacts.

3. Get The Right Tools 

There are tools you need to enhance your experience if your chosen consumption methods are smoking, vaping, or dabbing. Purchasing high-quality bongs, pipes, vape pens, or dab rigs is essential in taking convenience and enjoyment to a different level. 

Investing in quality bongs or glass pipes is essential for smoking raw flowers. These tools may be a bit more expensive than rolling papers, but they’re more practical in the long run. These tools can also help you maximize your stash. 

On the other hand, vape pens and dab rigs are your best buddies for consuming CBD or THC concentrates. Vape pens are perfect for liquids, while dab rigs are best for vaporizing waxes and shatters. You may also need scraping tools to avoid wastage since concentrates are expensive. 

4. Vary Your Consumption 

Varying your consumption can make your cannabis experience more enjoyable. The wide range of products available provides different ways to take CBD and THC, like ingestion, topical application, dabbing, and vaping. 

When trying various consumption methods, it’s best to be familiar with each product’s potency. Although cannabis overdose is almost impossible, there are still side effects you’ll need to consider when consuming high doses.  

To avoid the risks of unpleasant side effects like paranoia and increased heart rate, take only one product with a specific dose at a time. Observe its effects and compare your experiences. 

5. Find The Perfect Strain 

The human body’s reaction to CBD and THC varies from one person to another. In this case, the perfect strain for the other may affect you differently. Therefore, exploring various products is a more reliable reference when finding the best for you. 

The well-known strains of cannabis are Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. However, new studies show that these terms are primarily used to put cannabis plants into categories based on effects such as relaxing, energizing, and boosting creativity. Specific examples of popular cannabis strains are Acapulco gold, blue dream, purple kush, sour diesel, and pineapple express. 

6. Set A Proper Schedule And Setting 

The setting has a significant effect on enhancing your CBD and THC experience. Having a comfortable environment and allotting an ideal time to consume cannabis can aid its impact and make the sensations more desirable. 

Taking high doses of cannabis, primarily THC, may cause paranoia when taken in a stressful environment. It also takes you into a vulnerable state, so being in your most comfy room during a lazy holiday or weekend is one of the best settings. 

On the other hand, CBD is safer to take even when you’re amidst stress. Its calming effect, without the high, can help you relax. Most consumers also take CBD at least 30 minutes before bedtime to aid sleep. 

Moreover, setting a schedule for your sessions help manage your consumption. If you’re on a budget, this trick can help you make the most of your stash. Some recommend taking products with lower potency during weekdays and consuming the good stuff during weekends. 


Finding the best way to enhance your CBD and THC experience may take some time. It may require exploring various products and trying different methods to determine what’s perfect for you. It’s a long trip, but the journey is worth it.

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