KuCoin Among Top 5 Crypto Exchange As Per Forbes Advisor

Crypto is undoubtedly a modern world currency, and futures trading is mainly based on it. Currently, hundreds of crypto exchange platforms worldwide claim to provide the best services, but very few of them can provide them. It is very difficult to find a crypto trading platform with maximum features, a high range of coins, and low fees. KuCoin is arguably the only cryptocurrency exchange that can provide all of that, which is why one out of every three crypto investors is using this platform for their trading activities. 

The high feature of KuCoin is not just appreciated and recognized by the users. But the most notable business media, Forbes, has also regarded KuCoin among the top 5 crypto exchanges, and there are many good reasons for that. This article will cover why KuCoin is among the world’s best crypto exchanges and is on the way to becoming the champion of the crypto world.

KuCoin Among Top 5 Crypto Exchange As Per Forbes Advisor

Forbes is a respected media company that has international importance and is focused on business, technology, investment, etc. there are many reasons for Forbes to choose the KuCoin among top 5, and some of them are:

The first thing that matters in any crypto is security. Without proper security, there is always a threat of losing all the investment, and KuCoin has proper security measures. First of all, you have to sign up by email address, and then it requires KYC registration for better security protection. You can add extra security features such as 2-step verification, separate withdrawal passwords, and limited IP access for extended protection. Forbes did not ignore this feature of KuCoin.

Real-Time Market Value

Another important tool in modern crypto trading is the real-time market prices, and KuCoin provides the latest rise and fall of all the coins it supports without any error or delay. You can find not only the price of popular coins such as bitcoin price or doge price but also the emerging coin value such as XLM price, Algo price, etc.

User-Friendly Platform 

KuCoin is a user-friendly platform that provides complete guidance to new users. You can learn this platform in no time, and despite having high features, it is very easy to use. It has its own currency KCS, which gives it the authority to convert any coin to another coin without any problem. You can also save your asset in KCs when not in use.

Risk-Free Income

Crypto trading is risky, but KuCoin offers different schemes and award offers so that the users can earn risk-free income. It has a referral program, affiliate program, and crypto lending program that provide the users the opportunity to earn without investing with no chance of losing.


These are why Forbes chose KuCoin among the top 5 crypto exchanges. The coins’ many other features, such as a trading bot and cryptocurrency news that make it the best platform. The best thing is that despite all of the features, it still charges minimum fees from the users, and there are no fees on sign-up or investment.

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