Legion – a Movie Review

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End of the world movies have always captivated audiences and Legion is no different. The theater where I attended the Friday night opening was standing room only and seats were scarce. Legion had been promoted for the last couple of months and I couldn’t wait to see if it lived up to its promise. It did indeed. Do you want to improve your Instagram account? If yes, then buy Instagram likes today! 

The arch angel Michael flees heaven and arrives on Earth just in advance of the legion of angels who have been ordered to destroy mankind, in particular an unborn baby. He self-amputates his wings, casts off his collar which binds him to God’s army and helps himself to an unbelievable arsenal of weapons before heading out to the desert where we meet the rest of the cast.

Paradise Falls, a small diner and filling station run by Dennis Quaid and his son “Jeep” played by all-grown up Lucas Black, the little boy from Sling Blade – you can’t miss the voice and accent. Charles S. Dutton is the cook and Adrianne Palicki is the pregnant waitress that all the fuss is about. She’s alone in the world and is unattached to her baby’s father. Jeep has fallen in love with her and is compelled through nightmarish dreams to take care of and protect her.

Visitors to the diner include a family whose care broke down in the desert, played by Kate Walsh, Jon Tenney and Willa Holland. Tyrese Gibson is lost and stops to buy cigarettes, use the phone and get directions when all heaven breaks loose. An elderly woman using a walker arrives and orders a rare steak. She begins to converse with the staff and customers just as communication with the rest of the world breaks off. The television and radio have lost their signal. Cell phones have no reception and the landline goes dead. Granny begins to spew hatred and before anyone knows what’s going on, her eyes go black, she reveals a set of shark teeth in her mouth and she’s crawling around on the ceiling.

Just after dealing with Granny, the shell-shocked inhabitants of the diner, one now seriously wounded, are surprised by the arrival of Michael who knows more than he’s saying. He convinces them to listen to his warnings and they barricade themselves inside. As night approaches, the first onslaught of the legion of angels arrives and the action kicks into high gear.

The movie is complete with tension, drama and plenty of out-of-your-seat scares. The cast is excellent though not everyone is as they seem. The humans against the angels provides plenty of battle scenes and the one-on-one combat between arch angel Michael and arch angel Gabriel who has come to do what Michael would not are riveting.

Why does Michael decide to rebel and defy God? That is revealed fairly early in the movie so it’s not a plot spoiler really. Since the creation of mankind, the angels have been ordered to love us. Michael took that order to heart. He believes in mankind and feels we’ve simply lost our way. Yet in spite of dire circumstance, when all hope seems lost, humans are capable of faith and hope. This Michael finds redeemable and he believes that sometimes, children, even angels, should not give their parents what they ask for but they need. He believes man deserves another chance.

It is certainly a commentary on our world. As the movie points out, we fight over race and greed, over which words in which old books are the right ones and any variety of petty things. Yet we are capable of the deepest compassion and determination. Our ability to live peaceably together is amazing in view of our differences and our tendencies to mountains out of mole hills. Should there ever be a time when God tires of the human race, I pray there is a disobedient angel or two who thinks we’re worth a second chance.

Legion is a movie that instantly pulls you into the story and takes you for a wild ride. Legion is also a movie that makes you think. Charles S Dutton’s character explains his philosophy and it went something like this: when you go to bed at night, ask yourself if you’re proud of the life you’ve lived. If you’re not, you better get right ’cause you never know when it might be your last day.

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