The Bucket List: A DVD Movie Review

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I am about to say something that many film buffs will consider sacrilegious. I have not always been a fan of Jack Nicholson. I have liked some of his movies, but many others have left cold. The one I am about to review, however, may well be one of my favorites of all time. If you want some some Twitch viewer bot, then visit SteamOZ today! 

“The Bucket List” centers on two men – – Edward Cole (played by Jack Nicholson) and Carter Chambers (played by Morgan Freeman). Both are dying from cancer and are thrust together in the same room at the hospital.

At first the two men don’t much care for one another. However, as they go through chemo together, they begin to bond.

One day, Ed notices that Carter is writing something and asks him what it is. Chambers informs him it is list of things he would like to do before he dies. When he shows it to Ed, Cole calls it wimpy and suggests that they write down the real dreams that each of them would like to accomplish before they pass on.

One thing leads to another and eventually the guys decide to actually do things on their newly formed “bucket list.” Contrary to the wishes of his wife, Carter puts his life in the hands of Ed.

One by one the guys mark things off of their joint list. They jump out of a plane, go to visit the pyramids, race cars, and take on a myriad of other adventures.

However, once Ed gets a real handle on what Carter’s absence is doing to his family, he concocts a method to get his friend to return home to spend the remainder of his time with those that love him most. Ed also returns to his life as the head of a Fortune 500 company.

When Carter becomes ill again, and must go back into surgery, Ed is there by his side; trying to keep up his spirits with silly jokes and stories. It is during this time that Carter is able to cross one more thing off of his bucket list – – “laugh until I cry.”

When Carter passes away, Ed dedicates himself to doing what his friend would have wanted. He goes to make amends with his long lost daughter. That meeting allows him to mark off one more thing on his list – – “kiss the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Delivering the eulogy at his friend’s funeral, Ed makes it clear that Carter brought much more to his life than he ever really knew. Then he crosses off one more thing off of Carter’s life – – “help a stranger for no reason.”

Unfortunately, one thing remains on the list when Ed also passes away; leaving the audience to wonder how the bucket list will be completed. Let me just say, the film doesn’t disappoint.

I truly loved this move. It shows friendship at its very best; when two people do things for one another for no reason other than the purest act of love.

The screenplay, penned by Justin Zackham, is just plain miraculous. It never cross the “sap” line; remaining true to the truth about life and love as it pertains to human beings.

Rob Reiner has long been a successful director. Yet, this film is surely one of his best. He restrains himself from letting the movie become too maudlin and depressing. He keeps the focus on the positive things in life rather than its many disappointments.

Nicholson has never been more brilliant. It seems, like fine wine, he just gets better and better with age.

Freeman has long been underrated as an actor. He is one of my very favorite. He makes every one of his performances look so effortless, that you know it is because it is the hands of a true genius of the craft.

Sean Hayes, as Ed’s assistant Thomas, is also remarkably good. A comic genius in his own right, he scales back his usual over the top performance perfectly. That doesn’t mean, however, that he doesn’t use of his comic abilities. He delivers some amazingly restrained one/two punches that help make this film a must see.

If you haven’t guessed already, I loved this movie. I cried like a baby but I still loved every bit of it. This one is a winner! It gets four out of five stars.

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