Ways to Smoke Weed and Levels of Harmfulness


With marijuana, the most commonly used method of intake is smoking. All over the world, stoners prefer smoking more than other weed ingestion alternatives. A quick search on how to smoke weed from a pipe result in suggestions for different modes of smoking. Other methods include bongs, joints, and blunts, to name a few. 

As with tobacco and other forms of inhalation techniques, it is important to note that there is a harmful compound that affects your respiratory system. Though smoking is popular, you should know that it leads to exposure to tar and other chemical compounds. 

How to smoke weed

Whether you are a seasoned stoner or just starting, you may find yourself looking up the best way to smoke weed. The search engines will offer you a list of the most common methods. Your preference is what matters. Here are a few of the ones you are bound to unearth;


Dispensaries that offer different ways to smoke weed often have a joint option. Joints are a form of rolled weed that contains pure marijuana. The rolling paper is standard without any additional additives. In using a joint, you get full THC and CBD benefits. 

With joints and rolling paper, you have the choice of various flavors. You can get an apple flavor, watermelon, and many others. Joints are the most traditional method of lighting up. 


While blunts are similar to joints, they are slightly different. Blunts are weed that gets rolled in rolling paper made from tobacco leaves. In smoking blunts, you are getting a combined weed and nicotine hit. 

As a matter of size, blunts are a little larger than joints. But the mentioned methods are similar. The blunt requires you to light one end and proceed to inhale the nicotine and weed combination. Since it is just the leaves, you get a lesser nicotine punch. 


If you looked up what can you use to smoke weed with, you would find a pipe/bowl, among other tools commonly used for smoking. Bowls take the shape of a spoon with a hollow center. They work by putting the weed in the spoon-like area and lighting it up. As it burns, you will inhale from the other end. 

Bowls come in all colors and designs. If you visit a dispensary, you will find different colored bowls and pipes of varying themes. There is also the option of having one custom-made. 


Unlike pipes that are smaller in size, bongs are much larger. They, at times, look like chemistry lab equipment. Bongs are often cylindrical, but some look like the bowls described above. In searching for how to smoke weed from a pipe, you will find how to use weed from a bong and others.

So how do you smoke weed from a bong? Smoking your marijuana from a bong seems like a healthier option, especially with water being involved. Basically, with bongs, weed gets filtered through water, and you inhale the smoke that is slightly less packed with burning compounds.

To actually smoke the weed with a bong, you inhale at the top as you burn the section with your weed. The smoke will travel through the water and get into your lungs. Bongs can be found in dispensaries and online stores. They come in different colors and themes. 

Which one is the Best?

The thing with smoking is that it is a personal affair. What one person enjoys is likely not what another finds pleasurable. Any method discussed above can get you high.

Regardless, people wonder whether one method offers a higher potency than another and such questions. The potency level experienced with each smoking method is almost the same. A common myth is that with bongs, you get a less harmful product into your lungs and can inhale more. 

Studies have shown that the amount of inhaled compound doesn’t affect the highness level. You only need a few inhales to get high, and they also do not have to be prolonged. Overall, you will be sufficiently high whether you take the bong, bowl, joint, or even blunt. 

What’s Your Pick? 

The good thing about smoking with the above-discussed tools is that you can explore. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to be able to take in marijuana with a range of tools. For instance, bongs and bowls are quite common, as are joints and blunts. What matters is your personal preference. If you are looking for that traditional smoking experience, a blunt or a joint will offer you just that. On the other hand, if you are more of a bong and bowls person, you can enjoy your weed with the same. 

Before deciding on one inhalation method for smoking, you may want to explore what’s out there. That way, you get to see the right fit and what doesn’t work for you. 

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