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Marijuana Michigan Dispensaries are establishments that sell cannabis as well as other weed-related products. The average wage of a Michigan dispensary is $12.44 per hour. Which is significantly below the national average of $14.17 per hour for all jobs in the U.S., according to Indeed.com. The national median wage for this occupation is $10.00 per hour, reports Bureau of Labor Statistics data from May 2016. Which makes it one of many occupations with low wages in America today where workers feel undervalued and unappreciated by employers (Along with non-union fast food workers and day laborers).

How much do Michigan Dispensaries pay?

According to the Michigan Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives. The state’s estimated employment of “medicinal-cannabis firms” amounts to 572 jobs. These are wages based on annual salaries and do not include tips from employees or owners. The average salary for any employee of one of these businesses is $28,095 annually. This figure also considers managers, salespeople, and custodians who work for these establishments. It is unclear how many establishments and employees are part of this statistic because it does not specify the number of employees working in each establishment. However, a search engine optimization website mentions that Michigan has more than 140 medical marijuana Michigan Dispensaries.

In Michigan, Michigan Dispensaries and related businesses have a median annual salary of $28,095. Which, as previously discussed, includes more than just workers’ wages. These establishments pay an estimated 35 percent in taxes to the state government and 8 percent in taxes to local governments. The state government estimates this will bring in $3.1 million in revenue in the coming year. This figure is similar to the number cited for Michigan Dispensaries by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which estimated that Michigan would earn $3.1 million in tax revenue from its marijuana industry.

What about those involved in the industry?

Recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan for adults ages 21 and older. This means that people working for these establishments or with unions report their earnings to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 2014 shows that 420 people working in marijuana earned an average of $30,119 per year. This number does not reflect owners or managers because it is based on earnings from all employees working in the marijuana industry. It is also unclear if the 420 number represents the full count of employees working in this industry because it doesn’t specify how many employees work in each establishment and whether they are part-time or full-time.

How much do marijuana dispensary workers earn in the United States?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted national surveys in 2014 to determine how much those employed by marijuana Michigan Dispensaries make. Across the country, these establishments pay an average of $12.73 per hour. Salespeople make $11.65 per hour, while custodians and maintenance staff earn as little as $10.91 per hour on average (in Michigan, these employees make a paltry $9.89 per hour). Another survey investigated earnings from marijuana Michigan Dispensaries that sell only cannabis and related products or accessories such as pipes or bongs. These businesses pay an estimated median wage of $12.62 per hour.

Michigan marijuana Michigan Dispensaries pay more.

As mentioned above, this job market is very small in Michigan. The state does not compile specific numbers for how much employees make in the marijuana industry. But one website shows that the average salary for management positions averages $41,680 per year. Dispensary workers earn $15.91 per hour, much more than the national average. This data shows that dispensary workers make more than their counterparts across the country. Because Michigan’s marijuana industry pays an estimated 35 percent in taxes to the state government and 8 percent in taxes to local governments. The national figure is 28 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

What do marijuana dispensary workers earn in other states?

To calculate the earnings of dispensary workers across the country, we need to know their hourly earnings. Marijuana Michigan Dispensaries pay an average of $14.15 per hour, and salespeople earn an estimated $12.23 per hour (the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not specify this as a title for employees who work at marijuana Michigan Dispensaries). The Bureau also does not specify whether managers or other titles are involved in these occupations. Still, this figure is based on the average salary for all cannabis-related jobs in 43 states and Washington D.C. That figure is lower than the $20.10 for dispensary workers in Michigan but about the same or higher than the equivalent for other states. The Bureau does not specify how many employees work in Michigan Dispensaries in these states and how many of them are salespeople or cooks.


The wages for dispensary workers in Michigan are lower than those employed at marijuana Michigan Dispensaries in other states. However, this is not a surprising conclusion. Michigan Dispensaries pay an estimated 35 percent to the state government and 8 percent in taxes to local governments. While most other states tax employers at a much lower rate. In addition, management positions are possibly higher paying than sales positions in the marijuana industry. Because they don’t have to deal with customer service or the sales and marketing side of things.

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